Waste Not Plastic free goods

Insulated Water Bottle 750ml


Made with 304 food grade high quality double wall insulated stainless steel bottle. Keeps hot for 12 hours and cold for 6 hours.

Comes with stainless steel cap.  No rubber , wood or plastic have been used. 100% stainless steel

No danger of BPA. 

Healthy choice for your whole family 750ml.

Note:  All our stainless steel products are made with food grade 100% stainless steel.  However any leak proof products will come with additional silicon seal.  Without silicon seal it is not possible to make product leak proof.  We still call that product 100% stainless steel as seal has been added separately. 

Rest easy knowing your plastic free goods from Waste Not NZ will also come with plastic free packaging.

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Waste Not Plastic free goods