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Small Kai Wraps


A small Kai Wrap is the perfect size to wrap over small morsels like bliss balls, nuts, and half lemons. It fits snugly over small bowls and jars.


Kai Wrap is produced from local beeswax, tree resin, and organic coconut oil. These ingredients are infused onto 100% cotton .

Kai Wraps are made from only natural ingredients. The cotton allows food to breathewhile the beeswax keeps food fresh. Every time you reach for a reusable wrap you are decreasing your eco-footprint. Kai Wraps are durable and function well. They add a pop of colour to your homemade lunch or add a personal touch to a potluck.

The heat from your hands will mould the reusable wrap into place. When you have finished with your wrap simply dab with a cold damp cloth. For those pesky stains, a gentle run under cold water with an eco-friendly detergent will work a treat! Air dry on a dish rack. Kai Wraps do not like heat, so do not use in the oven, microwave or put over hot food. For hygiene reasons do not use with raw meat.

Kai Wraps will last up to a year if you treat them with aroha. When your wrap has come to the end of its life then you can cut it into small strips and bury it in your compost. Tu meke!

Kai Wraps are handmade and there may be slight irregularities from time to time.  If you have questions then drop us a line and we will suss it out. 

Rest easy knowing your plastic free goods from Waste Not NZ will also come with plastic free packaging.

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waste not nz plastic free goods