Waste not nz plastic free goods

St Clements - Shampoo for Oily Hair


- 100% soap free, pH balanced and safe for colour treated hair
- Removes oil without stripping or drying hair
- Equivalent to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo

If you struggle with oily hair then Saint Clements is for you.

There are no harsh 'stripping' surfactants (foaming agents) which just create more oil, nor is there any silicone.

We use Rosemary, Juniper, Basil, Lime, Lemon and Orange extracts and oils to balance oil production, clean the scalp and freshen your hair up. Leaves your hair perfect without the need for a conditioner as there are humectants in there which draw moisture to your hair, without the oil. Perfect!

Rest easy knowing your plastic free goods from Waste Not NZ will also come with plastic free packaging.

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Waste not nz plastic free goods
waste not nz plastic free goods
waste not nz plastic free goods